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Professional Turkish Doner Kebab ,Kebab chef's providing worldwide Kebab shop set up and Kebab training for your workers.
Contact us for professional start and consulting .

Skype : Muti.kaynar
Phone : 90 (0) 5393486289 WhatsApp - Viber .
We also providing the best prices for all kebab shop needs worldwide.
Below our main food training:
*Doner Kebab meat
*Turkish Shawarma.
*Turkish Kebab Chef.
*Turkish Kebab Master.
*Kebab Machine.
*Iskander Kebab.
*Tantuni Machine.
*Kumpir Machine.
*Kebab Shop set up.
*Iskender Kebab.
*Turkish Pizza.
*Turkish Tandur.
*Kebab Shop machine.
*Doner Kebab Machine.
*Turkish Restaurant
*Fast food
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