When Magic Shows Up at the Door Paperback G. Wedel

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When magic shows up at the door, the unthinkable happens. Paul Callahan, the owner of a successful shop of house furnishings, lives in a quaint Irish village bordering Green Wood, which is inhabited by elves, witches, fairies, spirits, and sorcerers. A series of magic occurrences keeps interfering with Paul’s life. It all starts with the annoying shrunken princess stuck in a vase, in his shop, asking for help. And later, while attending the Elves’ Art Fair, Paul also starts shrinking in size. He has become entangled in a plot set up by Rylan the goblin, an elf sorcerer who likes to associate with witches. The sweet elf Esther chooses to help Paul and take him to Rylan’s castle. After a difficult journey, filled with dangerous encounters, th

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