Pool Mate Heavy-Duty Silver In-Ground Winter Pool Cover

$ / € / ₹193.82
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16 x 32 ft.
Heavy-duty, polyethylene
Stops algae growth
5-foot overlap for easy installation
Includes water tube loops to be used with water tubes, sold separately

Pool Mate 551632R Winter Pool Cover, Heavy-Duty Silver, 16 x 32 ft Inground Pools

The Pool Mate Heavy-Duty Silver Winter Pool Cover will protect your pool from winter elements. This is a solid winter pool cover that will not allow water to pass through its material. The Pool Mate Silverado Winter Pool Covers is constructed of heavy-duty polyethylene. All seams are heat sealed for better performance. The silver topside of this pool cover is coated to prevent UV damage. Please order by your pool size, as the overlap goes beyond the pool size listed.

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